Renovering med fabrikk-produsent elementer

EstNor is a manufacturer of facade elements for apartment buildings renovated within the framework of the KredEx reconstruction project with the best and most comprehensive knowledge base.

KredEx reconstruction grant 2022-2027
The purpose of the KredEx support measure is to finance both the complete reconstruction of apartment buildings and, as an individual activity, the replacement of a heating device in the heating system of a gas, oven, or electric apartment building with a heating device using renewable energy sources or the connection of these apartment buildings to a district heating network. As part of the supported activities, the energy efficiency of the apartment building is enabled and the introduction of renewable energy is encouraged. More information at

In the pilot project of the first Kredex reconstruction support measure in 2022, EstNor participated very successfully, securing the production of facade elements for 12 apartment buildings. The facade elements of all 12 houses are produced in the EstNor factory on a wooden structure. Insulation wool is installed in the elements, new heat-retaining PVC windows are installed and finished, and the facade finishing board is already installed in the elements at the EstNor factory.


As part of the KredEx support measure project, EstNor is the very first manufacturer and we have produced the most facade elements.

The factory works are planned based on the principle that the more that is done in the factory and the less that is done on the construction site, the faster the installation of the facade elements goes and the less the construction activities disturb the residents of the house.

One of the biggest advantages of insulating a house with factory-produced insulated wooden frame elements is certainly the speed of work – if the insulation work of a 5-story house with 5 staircases on site with polystyrene foam can last almost a year, then the facade of the house is covered with facade elements produced in our factory in about 3-4 weeks. The difference in working time is noticeably large.


Insulating an apartment building with facade elements produced in the EstNor factory does not require scaffolding.
Scaffolding restricts the view from the window for the residents of the building and represents an increased security risk during the entire renovation work carried out on the site.


Renovating old apartment buildings with factory-produced facade elements helps to make the house energy efficient quickly!

The use of factory-produced facade elements in the renovation of old apartment buildings offers many advantages – energy efficiency is improved, construction time is reduced and the service life of the building is extended. The facade elements are manufactured in a factory-controlled environment, ensuring consistent and high quality. In addition, the use of elements with standard dimensions allows to simplify the installation process, thereby reducing the time required for renovation.


Steps of the renovation process simplified

Building scan. The old house is 3D-scanned with a special device from the ground and a drone. The scan results in a highly detailed point cloud.
Modeling and design. A highly detailed BIM model is created from the point cloud of the 3D scan, allowing engineers to see every deviation of the existing building. From here on, new facade elements will be designed on the old facade of the building.
Preparation for installation. After the design and production of the elements, preparatory work for the installation of the elements begins on the construction site, specially designed durable brackets and supporting trees for the installation of the elements are installed.
Installation of the first elements. The installation of facade elements starts from the corner of the house. The elements are supported on sill beams, and special angle clamps are attached to the elements, which ensure that the element is straight.
Installation of the following elements. A wooden base belt is installed on top of the first row of elements, which creates a vertical point for the installation of the next row of elements. Installation continues from the corner of the building.
Installation of all facade elements. After the installation of the corner elements, the installation of all other facade elements continues throughout the house. The facade elements covering the staircase are installed last.
Installation of ventilation pipes. Some of the ventilation pipes are installed in the elements at the factory according to the prescribed specifications. If the project provides for it, the new ventilation system will be installed on the roof of the building by the main contractor.
Installation of stairwell elements. Facade elements of the stairwell are installed after installing and connecting the ventilation pipes.
Other necessary works on the site. After the installation of the facade elements, the joints of the elements are finished, the rainwater system, roofing material is installed and other necessary works are performed so that the building has a complete exterior appearance.


Watch the animation of the renovation process with factory-produced facade elements.