Post and beam houses

More about post and beam houses

Post and beam houses are a very popular holiday house in Norway where they are called stavlaft houses. They are also used as dwelling houses. Massive posts and log waists at the corners of the house are characteristic of this unusual building type. The house is combined from log and wood frame from elements, if desired, a stone facade can be added. The factory manufactures the log part (waists, posts, bulkhead beams, roof purlins) as well as wall elements (exterior and interior walls). The whole bearing structure is made of logs.

Advantages of post and beam houses:

  • Exclusive appearance of the solid log-material
  • More affordable than a usual log house but has better heat-proofing. An extremely heat-proof house can be built provided that the wall units are properly insulated.
  • A secure bearing structure made from logs.
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