Handcrafted log houses

More about log houses

Norwegian building traditions, shaped over thousands of years, are followed in log house construction. EstNor manufactures handmade log houses with hewed edges, using pine. Sides are cut off from the round log, after which the remaining wall thickness is 200mm. The material of the log house is chamber-dry, containing 18–20% moisture.

The log has been handcraft planed and polished, if necessary. Depending on the statutory plan, log false ceiling joists, roof purlins (round log, on to which the rafter is laid upon) and figured stand posts are used. For edge bonding EstNor uses a Norwegian wind-lock tenon, which is considered to be the most complicated one, but also the most windproof tenon.During the construction, logs are connected with inner sticks; linen felt is used for insulation between the logs and self- dilating packing in the tenons.

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