About us

EstNor is an Estonian capital based company founded in 2000. The main field of activity is manufacturing and production of wood houses. During the past 20 years we have built over 700 houses, Norway being our main export market where we have shipped about 80% of the production, followed by Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Liechtenstein.

Production of element and modular construction takes place in house factories in Kiili, Harjumaa and log house factory is in Jõgevamaa, Estonia. Moreover, we have good ongoing cooperation with partners who help us fulfill all of the orders. EstNor´s yearly output is ca 50 houses, with a total flooring about  10 000 m².

The clients of EstNor are building companies, developers, mediators and private persons.

  • EstNor is a member of the Estonian Woodhouse Association.
  • EstNor belongs to the Kiili Entrepreneurs Union
  • EstNor is member of Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Prefab House of the Year competition awards:

  • 2019 – Best private home and NorDan Special Award – EstNor OÜ house in Norway
  • 2018 – Best public building – EstNor OÜ warehouse and office building in Sweden
  • 2017 – Delfi readers public award; Akzo Bonel Baltics AS Special Award – EstNor OÜ house in Norway
  • 2015 – II place in overall competition; Lotus Timber Special Award – EstNor OÜ apartment building in Norway